The Best Sex Positions To Get Pregnant Easily

Even though all sex positions are pleasurable, some believe a few are significantly more likely to result in a lover becoming pregnant. Why don’t we take a look at them right now?

But first and foremost, we must understand why these positions are considered to be far superior sex positions for conceiving a child than others. The ovum of a woman has a life span of approximately twenty-four hours. In addition, male sperm can survive in the female body for 3 to 5 days after being released. Given that your body typically releases one of these eggs per month, you must assist those little guys in gaining better access to your egg when it is available for fertilization.

As a result, it tends to make sense that anything you can do to make their union easier will assist you in becoming pregnant more quickly and with less difficulty. Many people believe that if a male can quickly ejaculate as close to the woman’s cervix as possible, there is a better chance of getting pregnant as a result. As a result, the following two popular sex positions for getting pregnant have earned a good reputation:

  1. Missionary positions that have been tried and true for decades. The conventional man-on-top missionary position does, in fact, aid in the distribution of male sperm closest to the female cervix, as has been demonstrated. Making it less complicated for the male sperm to meet up with your egg by providing the shortest possible path for them to travel is essential.
  1. The position of the man from behind. This position, once again, allows the male to have easier access to the woman’s cervix.

Get Pregnant Easily

Never lose sight that either of these positions allows the woman’s cervix to always be at a downward angle, which helps the male ejaculate to run down into the cervix of the female partner. As a result, you may want to consider laying down for a short period to allow nature to take its course. Alternatively, you can place a pillow beneath your hips to help you maintain this position while in the missionary posture.

Another suggestion is to try to time the onset of a male and female orgasm. Even though it is delightful for both partners, it is believed that the contractions associated with the woman’s climax aid in the movement of the male sperm into your cervix. It is increasing the likelihood of the ovum and sperm coming together.

While all sex positions can produce results, these are the most effective for achieving pregnancy the quickest.